Risk Management Committee

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The state Risk Management Committee was established to assist state agencies to manage their insurance, claims, and loss prevention activities.


Updated 02/21/2018

Kristie Rhodes Administration 444-4509
Chelsi Bay Agriculture 444-3156
Peter Donovan Board of Education 444-0300
Teri Juneau Commerce 841-2712
Suzanne Snow Consumer Counsel 444-2771
April Grady Corrections 444-4941
Carlee Norbeck Environmental Quality 444-4225
Janet Strandberg Fish, Wildlife & Parks 495-3250
Carol Fah Fish, Wildlife & Parks 444-4657
Rhonda Schaffer Governor's Office 444-5518
Carmen Roberts Great Falls College MSU 771-2271
Russ Fillner Helena College UM 447-6917
Mick Robinson Higher Education 444-0319
Denise King Historical Society 444-4699
Beth McLaughlin Judiciary (Supreme Court) 444-2621
Jackie Luhrsen Justice 444-0671
Stormy Tuffield Labor & Industry 444-6845
Lenore Adams Legislative Branch 444-4456
George Harris Livestock 444-4994
Peter Schaefer Military Affairs 324-3333
Jenifer Alger Montana Arts Council 444-6489
Elijah Allen Montana Heritage Commission 843-5247
Donna Schmidt Montana School for the Deaf and Blind 771-6002
Marilyn Cameron Montana Tech of the UM 496-4463
Trudy Collins MSU-Billings 657-2155
Ryan Brickman MSU-Bozeman 994-7760
Brian Simonson MSU-Northern 265-3525
Paige Tabor Natural Resources & Conservation 444-2079
Ken Bailey Office of Public Instruction 444-2562
Mary Baker Political Practices 444-7416
Barb Kain Public Defenders Office 444-9545
Kathy Battrick Public Health & Human Services 444-5937
Bruce Giulio Public Health & Human Services - MDC 225-4433
David Gregory Public Health & Human Services - MSH 693-7207
Mandi Hinman Public Service Comm 444-6175
Larry Sullivan Revenue 444-4014
Brandi Pierson Secretary of State 444-5437
Staci Litschauer State Auditor's Office 444-2041
Mark Barry State Fund 459-5109
Marlys Stark State Library 444-3384
Rob Virts Transportation 444-7673
Kathy Krebsbach University of Montana 243-2700
Tom Nichols Western MT College of UM 683-7139

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Safety Coordinators Message Archive

The following messages were originally sent to the Safety Coordinators mailing list before it was combined with the Risk Management Advisory council mailing list.