Goals and Objectives 2021 Biennium

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Division Mission: To provide comprehensive and cost-effective loss mitigation, insurance administration, claims adjudication, and legal defense services to state agencies that serve Montana citizens.

Goal: Assist state agencies in establishing effective risk management programs.


  • Conduct inspections of key state properties to identify potential hazards and provide recommendations to affected agencies.
  • Promote risk management through incentives.
  • Assist state agencies to mitigate losses through consultation, training, and targeted loss mitigation funding.

Goal: Offer comprehensive and cost-effective property/casualty insurance solutions for Montana state government.


  • Obtain broad insurance coverage with favorable terms and conditions.
  • Establish reasonable insurance rates through effective bidding practices and appropriate insurance deductibles and limits.

Goal: Provide effective and efficient defense for claims and lawsuits filed against the state under the Montana Tort Claims Act.


  • Investigate, analyze, and evaluate claims and lawsuits, determine those with merit, and resolve them consistent with the evaluation.
  • Consult with state clients to prepare unresolved cases for dismissal or resolution at trial. 

Goal: Maintain financial stability of the state property/casualty insurance fund. 


  • Retain a stable reserve position.
  • Deliver fair, consistent insurance premium levels.
  • Allocate insurance premiums based on relative loss experience and/or exposure.

Goal: Enhance information security using standardized best practices to protect systems, assets, and data in a cost-effective manner. 


  • Design division systems to use state-of-the-art frameworks moving business logic out of the client browser and onto the server. Implement microservice infrastructures accessible only from the servers themselves, further enhancing security.

Goal: Operate a shared and managed services environment. 


  • Build a property data warehouse with associated web services to allow a single point of access to property data for all division systems.
  • Continue enhancing the division's best-in-class insurance and claim management applications with more reporting and data visualization tools.

Goal: Implement scalable technologies that meet customer demand flexibly and rapidly with minimal capital expenditures. 


  • Implement container-based architecture of microservices to allow real time scaling of services to meet peak demand.