Risk Management & Tort Defense

Protecting Montana's Vital Assets & Resources


The Risk Management & Tort Defense Division employs a competent, professional staff trained and capable of assisting you with your claims, legal, insurance, or risk management issues.

Main Number (406) 444-2421

Division Administrator, State Risk Manager- Brett Dahl 444-3687
Chief Defense Counsel- Bill Gianoulias 444-2438
Accounting Technician/Administrative Assistant- Linda Cronholm 444-3600
Legal Secretary- Mardi Slocum 444-4516
Legal Defense
Associate Counsel- Andres Haladay 444-2403
Associate Counsel- Ford Hayes 444-2485
Associate Counsel- John Melcher 444-3562
Associate Counsel- Mackenzie Bradt 444-0945
Legal Investigator- Robin Coon 444-2512
Loss Prevention
Property- Aric Curtiss 444-3486
Auto, Other- Julie Ouzts 444-0106
Property, Auto, Other- Mike Anderson 444-2617
Division Administrator, State Risk Manager- Brett Dahl 444-3687
Risk Finance Specialist- Kristie Rhodes 444-4509
Accountant/Financial Specialist- Danica Boe 444-3168
Auto/Aviation/General Liability/Property Claims
Claims Specialist- Gordon Amsbaugh 444-2422
Claims Specialist- Kirk Barfuss 444-6498
Claims Specialist- Kathleen McElwain 444-4995
Claims Manager- Jennie Younkin 444-7996