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The Risk Management Network provides feedback and recommendations to the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division on the implementation and management of the state's insurance, claims, and loss preventions programs.

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Updated 4/10/2018


Name (E-mail) Title (Profile)
John Lewis Director, Department of Administration, State of Montana
Alan Hulse Chief Executive Officer, Montana Municipal Insurance Authority
Shannon Shanholtzer PCT/WCT Trust Administrator, Montana Association of Counties
Tana Wilcox Risk Management, NorthWestern Energy
Courtney Ramirez VP Public Entity Division, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
Jacquie Duhame Risk Manager, Montana Rail Link
Ryan Brickman Safety & Risk Management, Montana State University
Brett Dahl Administrator, Risk Management & Tort Defense Division

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List Archives

The message archive from the former Yahoo Groups list is available below: