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Note: The following messages are from the RMC group on Yahoo Groups, before the mailing list was moved to the Lyris Listserv on the ITSD web server.


From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 2:36pm

Happy New Year!

THANK YOU everyone for your attendance and participation at RMAC on December
7th! Lots of great discussion and feedback!

By way of follow-up:

1)The minutes from the meeting are now posted on our website. Please review
them carefully. Let us know if you have any changes or questions.

2)The 'In Case of Accident Form' has been re-printed and will be distributed
to each of you in the near future. We are printing more copies since some
agencies needed several hundred and there were not enough to go around.
Please make sure that one form is placed in each and every vehicle that you
own or lease. The form serves as a certificate of insurance so you must have
it in case you are pulled over or stopped by law enforcement personnel.

3)We did not have time to discuss the Safety Program Self-Assessment form at
RMAC, however, remember that your agency must complete that form and submit
it to the Department of Administration by July 5, 2002. We will report to
the Governor's Office on agency progress in establishing and maintaining
comprehensive and effective safety programs. Keep in mind that the
self-assessment report also serves as a basis upon which the Governor
recognizes your achievements through GESA (Governor's Employee Safety
Awards). We hope that you're making progress. The Department of
Administration and the State Fund will be meeting with a number of your
agency heads in the coming weeks and months to ask for their personal
commitment and to support your efforts.

4)I am very interested in knowing how your agency decided to implement the
newly adopted 'vehicle use rule.' Will your agency require all employees to
sign the vehicle use agreement or will you just require those that drive
frequently. In general, I'd like to know how implementation is going and if
there are obstacles to implementation that we can help you overcome. This
rule does nothing to address the state's vehicle exposure unless employees
read and understand the rule and why it is important.

5)Some of you have asked about the insurance survey that was discussed at
RMAC. I am meeting with the state's underwriters in mid-January to find out
what additional information they might need. The survey has proven to be
very difficult to assemble so don't count on it anytime soon, however, we
are hoping to get something out by April 1, 2001.

6)Finally, Aric is busy scheduling StreetSmart 9 to 5 and First Aid/CPR
training. THANK YOU for promoting this event within your respective


From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Fri Jan 11, 2002 2:12pm
RMTD Training & Property Inspections

RMAC Reps,

I hope 2002 is going pretty well for everyone so far. It should be a
great year! This is just a note of a few items of interest going on at

1) Our course "Street Smart from 9 to 5" is offered at a number of
locations through the end of February. You should have received a yellow
flier for this course. If need fliers or more information please contact me
( acurtiss@mt.gov

From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Wed Feb 20, 2002 1:47pm
RMTD Trainings

As we prepare to hold the last scheduled open enrollment offering of
Street Smart From 9 to 5 it's time to look at our upcoming training
Our Risk Finance Specialist slash Part-time Trainer, Kristie Rhodes and
I have brought the Street Smart course to seven major locations across the
state to nearly 200 state employees. All participants gave raving reviews.
Many participants gave comments or suggestions to make this a mandatory
course for employees of their own departments and even to all state
employees. If you don't recall, this course discusses and practices
techniques to diffuse hostile situations which may (and do) arise during a
day at work. This course will again be offered open enrollment next winter.

Our next course is American Red Cross First Aid and CPR. Paper fliers
with all of the details were sent to each of you a few weeks ago. Thanks
for promoting this very important course. Many agencies have registered
participants from all locations. This is great to know a co-worker will
soon be trained on this valuable topic. The life saved may be yours, or
As these course offerings draw near we are opening the registration to
all state/university employees on a first-registered basis. Please register
employees electronically at www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd
<http://www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd> at the Training page.
Remaining seats are limited but available at all locations so hurry.
This course is free and the same course offered by the Red Cross.
Locations are Bozeman next Thursday, 2/28; Kalispell 3/06; Missoula 3/07;
Great Falls 3/14; Helena 3/27; Helena 3/28; and Billings 4/04. Each is a
one-day course from 9:00am to 4:00pm. See your paper fliers for specific
locations. An electronic copy of the paper flier is attached.

Following the First Aid/ CPR course we will again be offering Defensive
Driving. This will again be our new 4-hour course. Watch our calendar for
the dates and locations. Expect these to begin early May. This will be a
final chance for your agency to earn your 5% return.

As always, if you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me at
444-3486 or at acurtiss@mt.gov
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From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Mar 18, 2002 4:37pm

Hello Everyone!

It's that time of year once again! No, I'm not referring to spring! At least
not yet!

I am, however, referring to the collection of your early-return-to-work,
defensive driving, and employee safety program information.

1) Please visit with your agency head and the powers 'that be' within your
agency. If you are interested in the auto liability (defensive driving)
discount and/or the Early-Return-To-Work scheduled credit, you must complete
the attached forms below and send them to Kristie Rhodes by April 15, 2002.

<> <>

2) The Safety Program Self-Assessment Report is due on July 5, 2002. Each
agency in the executive branch is required to complete the form. Attached is
an electronic version of the form and instructions. Please send me a
completed copy, as well as any other attachments that you deem necessary. We
will be reviewing your self-assessment forms and your account management
plans with the Montana State Fund and the Department of Labor & Industry as
a basis for submitting a bi-ennial report to the governor and in determining
your eligibility for the Governor's Employee Safety Program Awards.


3) I'm interested in any additional feedback that you have about the quality
and breadth of services offered by the Risk Management & Tort Defense
Division and Montana State Fund over the past year. As always we are
interested in coordinating, refining, and/or improving the level of service

4) We decided not to send out our property/casualty survey prior to renewal
on 07/01/02 as we promised at our board meeting in December. We were able to
get at most of the information another way through the new state
property/casualty insurance information system.

Finally, I've asked Aric Curtiss to chair the Safety Day Steering Committee
this year. He will be asking some of you to participate in the planning of
our next Safety Day. Any of you want to volunteer, please contact him at
ext. 3486. Specifically, I've asked Aric to work with the Steering
Committee to look at ways to make this event more meaningful as well as to
improve attendance.

Have a great spring!

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Attachment: (application/msword) ertwenrollmentfy03.doc [not stored]
Attachment: (application/msword) safetyprogramselfassessment.doc [not stored]
Attachment: (application/msword) safetyprogramselfassessmentinstructions.doc [not stored]

From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Wed Mar 20, 2002 5:46pm
Defensive Driving for Spring 2002

RMAC Representatives and others,

I hope everyone woke up Wednesday morning and enjoyed Spring time in
Montana. You have to love it! Many of our roads greeted Spring with
impassible conditions.
Just by coincidence I spent the day scheduling the spring offerings of
our Defensive Driving course. Eight offerings are scheduled across the
state and will be posted on our website very soon. Paper tri-fold fliers
are at the printers right now and should be in the mail by the first week of
April. The first open enrollment course is scheduled for May 8th.
Also, due to various requests, a separate E-flier was produced for this
round of Defensive Driving courses. This E-flier is attached and you are
invited to e-mail it to anyone and everyone. You can also print it and post
it as you wish. This flier is created in Word 97 and should open okay for
everyone. If for some reason it does not look right when you open it that's
just luck. Wait for the paper fliers to be mailed and let me know and I
will try to correct that.
Pre-registration is required for this course and every location has
limited space. Pre-registrations will be accepted starting right now.
Space will be given as electronic registrations are received. When the
spaces are gone, they're gone! Register at the Training page of the RMTD
website at www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd
<http://www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd> .
If your agency signed up to participate in our Automobile Insurance
Premium Discount program last spring, these will be your last chances to
meet the 3% participation and other requirements for this year. Brett
recently sent RMAC the enrollment forms for next year's program. Also,
recall that the state Vehicle Use Rule is in place and may effect employees.

While I speak of spring driving in Montana I'd like to direct everyone
to the very helpful and informative website of our co-workers at the
Department of Transportation. Surf over to www.mdt.mt.gov/travinfo
<http://www.mdt.mt.gov/travinfo> and click on the map of Montana to
get up-to-date information on state roads and weather. This is a very handy
site to place in your favorites. As construction season approaches, this
site will also access regular construction updates.
Knowing we don't always have access to the web while travelling you can
also obtain current reports by phone. Statewide road conditions are
available at 1-800-226-ROAD. Local numbers for road reports in the areas of
Kalispell, Missoula, Butte, Bozeman, Billings, Miles City, Glendive, Wolf
Point, Lewistown, Havre, Great Falls, and Helena are also available at this
website and from the 800 number. This is good information you may want to
share with your employees and customers.

On another topic, State Fund partnered with RMTD in January to provide a
new course titled, "Building an Ergonomics Team". This course went over
very well and popular demand insists we do it again! A second offering is
scheduled from 9:00AM to 11:00 Tuesday, April 9th in Helena. Watch for more
information about this course offering.
This course promotes ergonomic awareness and teaches people how to
review a workstation for common ergonomic concerns. As ergonomic issues are
a leading cause of employee discomfort and injuries (and agency expense)
this course is very timely and informative. Plan now to attend with all of
your friends!

As always, if there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to
contact me at acurtiss@mt.gov
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From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Mar 25, 2002 10:06am
Defensive Driving @ C.Falls & Missoula

Before too many of you notice my errors on the E-flier sent last week
please disregard that version and replace it with the corrected version
The correct dates for Columbia Falls and Missoula are May 8th and 9th,
not the 5th and 6th.

Thank you,
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From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Mar 26, 2002 11:21am
FW: 15-Passenger Vans / Driver Training Doesn't = Safety

Council Members,

I thought that you might find this additional information on 15 passenger
vans to be useful.

We estimate that state and university system owns over 250 of these types of
vehicles. Feedback on our Van Safety training program has been very good.

Contact me at ext. 3687 if you have additional questions.


-----Original Message-----
From: Hall, Dewey
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 11:12 AM
To: Ore, Winnie; Dahl, Brett
Subject: FW: 15-Passenger Vans / Driver Training Doesn't = Safety



-----Original Message-----
From: Michael D. Thomas
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 8:15 AM
Subject: 15-Passenger Vans / Driver Training Doesn't = Safety

Hello all,

This is a long reply to the 15-passenger van
thread, but I hope that you all find the
information useful. At Safetyforum.com we have
been passionately confronting the dangers of
15-passenger vans since before NHTSA released
their consumer advisory

I commend the precaution of training one's
drivers. Too many universities and other
institutions simply let folks pick up and drive
their van pool vehicles with no training at all.

But it is worth noting that driver training -
unless it includes behind-the-wheel emergency
maneuver exercises, will not really address the
handling problems that plague these vehicles. One
of the specific dangers of 15-passenger vans is
that they handle much differently in emergency
maneuvers than they do during normal driving.
Even someone who has experience in driving the
vehicles would not necessarily be prepared for
their response in avoidance maneuvers.

While the literature related to these vehicles,
tends to focus on driver inexperience as a
significant factor in maintaining safe operation
of these vehicles Fatality Accident Reporting
System data shows indicates that 75% of the
drivers involved in these fatal rollovers were at
least 24 years of age. Fifty percent were over
the age 34. Given these statistics, it is
difficult to support the automakers' claim that
driver inexperience is a primary cause of these

Even past experience in driving 15-passenger vans
would not adequately prepare drivers for the
handling characteristic displayed by these
vehicles. A recent accident analysis presented in
August 2001 found that in 15-passenger vans,
"dangerous vehicle characteristics such as
inadequate stability cannot be recognized by the
average and prudent driver. They are most likely
to be manifested only during emergency or limit
maneuvers, and normal driving will not reveal
their existence."

Likewise, an April 2001 NHTSA report seems to
indicate that regular operation of these vehicles
would not foretell their response characteristics
in emergency maneuvers. According to NHTSA, fully
loaded 15-passenger vans' "understeer
characteristics are similar to its lightly loaded
condition at low lateral accelerations but
different at higher lateral accelerations is a
topic of concern." The NHTSA report goes on to
state that, "this sort of transition is known to
cause safety problems, particularly for drivers
who normally only drive smaller passenger vehicles
and who are therefore unfamiliar with a loaded 15
passenger van's responsiveness and limits."

It is curious that NHTSA undercuts the results of
their own research by implying that only drivers
of "smaller passenger vehicles" would be subject
to the concerns about 15-passenger van handling.
We have already quoted the results of NHTSA's
research on this matter. Those results indicate
both that 15-passenger vans suffer from decreased
stability when fully loaded and that this
instability can result in loss of control during
panic maneuver.

NHTSA has further indicated that 15-passenger vans
perform unpredictably at high speed lateral
accelerations relative to similar maneuvers at low
speeds, which seems to confirm to that in these
vehicles, handling characteristics during
emergency maneuvers are very different that what
one would experience during regular driving.

It follows then, that without specific emergency
incident training, even conscientious, safe,
drivers with experience operating 15-passenger
vans would have no way to anticipate the dangerous
handling characteristics and instability exhibited
by the vehicles during emergency maneuvers. The
"safety problems" that NHTSA spoke of in the April
2001 research report should then apply to all
drivers, even those with experience driving
15-passenger vans who have not had emergency
maneuver training.

Training should also address proper loading of
these vehicles. They become progressively more
unstable as they are loaded, and these problems
are exacerbated when they are loaded heavily in
the rear. Under no circumstances should anything
ever be carried on top of the van.

Any training provided must also include mandatory
seat-belt use by vehicle passengers. Of course,
in the event of a rollover, the seat belts
actually provided on these vehicles are very poor
by comparison to the seat belts provided by
Chrysler, Ford, and others on the vehicles they
sell abroad.

As a standard safety feature, new Chrysler, Ford,
and GM 15-passenger vans have seat belts at all
seating positions. To date, however, three point
belts are available only in the front and outboard
rear seating positions. The inner seating
positions are fitted with lab belts only. In
international markets such as the European Union
or Australia, these same manufactures offer vans
with integrated three point seat-belts at all
seating positions as well as pretensioners and web
grabbers, all of which help to hold the occupant
in the seat in the event of an accident. Moreover
seat and seat-belt designs, vans in Europe and
Australia have been developed in conjunction with
an overall rollover crash standard

If, in the unlikely event that you would like more
information on the testing of 15-passenger vans
that has been done, I invite everyone to our
website at:


We have a great deal of information in the
15-passenger van issue, including video of van
testing showing how readily they fishtail in
emergency maneuvers.

Many thanks to all for putting up with this
lengthy missive. I hope that the information has
been helpful.

Michael D. Thomas
Director of Research
Arlington, VA 22201

From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Mar 26, 2002 4:10pm
Build an Ergonomics Team

Back by popular demand, Montana State Fund and the Risk Management &
Tort Defense Division of the Department of Administration are again
partnering to offer the course, "Build An Ergonomics Team". This course was
last held in January with rave reviews and requests for a repeat. You've
asked and we are delivering with this course again being offered on Tuesday,
April 9th. See the printable e-flier attached.
On any given day at least one of your co-workers is not comfortable at
their workstation. This can often be because their workstation is not
ergonomically adjusted for them. This course helps to heighten the
ergonomic awareness of you and your employees. Employees with this
heightened awareness become your Ergonomics Team. Your Ergonomics Team can
recognize the common ergonomic concerns in your work area, and address them
before they develop into large expensive issues.
The team can also help their fellow employees heighten their own
awareness of ergonomic topics. Everyone's heightened awareness will make
your workplace happier and healthier, and it may help save your agency
thousands of dollars on unneeded ergonomic related claims.
Please forward the attached e-flier to your agency personnel and
encourage them to heighten their ergonomic awareness and to build an
ergonomics team. You can also print and post he flier. Please register as
indicated on the flier.

NOTE- Currently this course is offered in Helena. If other locations are
interested please contact me to explore possibilities.

Contact me with any questions,

Thank you,
Aric Curtiss
Attachment: (application/msword) ErgoTeam2.doc [not stored]

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Mar 26, 2002 5:19pm

Council Members,

At our meeting in December, we explained that 9/11 would have a significant
effect on your property/casualty insurance rates for the coming bi-ennium.

Most of the world's largest carriers were involved in insuring the World
Trade Center and other properties, including aircraft that were demolished
in the terrorist attack. Workers' compensation, life insurance, accident
death & dismemberment, and many other kinds of claims continue to pour in.

Industry experts have predicted that total losses will approach $60 billion,
which represents half of the property/casualty insurance industry's entire
surplus. Where am I going with this, you all ask? Well................this
just in............our broker gave us the 'state of the state' address on
insurance and told us to expect the following increases:

-Property %100
-Aircraft Liability % 50
-Aircraft Hull % 10
-Boiler & Machinery % 25
-Crime % 50

The increases in the costs of these insurances, if approved, approximate
$700,000. We will be working closely with the Director of Administration and
the Office of Budget and Program Planning to identify ways to reduce these
costs through higher self-insured retentions (i.e. deductibles) or perhaps
reductions in coverage.

Meanwhile, we promised to keep you informed.


From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Fri Mar 29, 2002 9:59am
Defensive Driving in Helena

    Congratulations!  Due to your great efforts promoting the upcoming Defensive Driving courses, the May 30th course offering for Helena has a full roster and this course is closed!  Great job in filling the class so quickly!  Other locations are also filling so please register soon.
    A typical class roster holds about 24 slots.  For Helena appearances we typically expand that to as many as 50.  This makes a very large class for one instructor.  The original Helena roster is past this point.  No new registrations will be accepted for 5./30.
    Now, for those who didn't get registered in time, a second offering has been scheduled for Friday, May 31 from 8:00am to Noon at the DPHHS auditorium, 111 Sanders.  This course is currently open and filling so please register soon.  An updated e-flier is attached. 
    I have also had requests for this course in the Lewistown area.  Please survey your employees in the Lewistown area to determine interest.  If the interest is there, RMTD will go there!  Please send a note to me at acurtiss@mt.gov with the number of interested employees.  If I get good results I will schedule an appearance or find other options.
    Remember, registration is accomplished at the Training page of the RMTD web-site: www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd.  Changes to the registration page will be seen within the next few days.  These changes will be self explanatory and easy to follow.  We believe the results of these changes will be very good and allow us to provide you with rosters and other valuable reports of your agency participation in safety trainings.  One thing to note on the new registration process is that we will be able to track individual employees.  To do this we will require the Employee Number be entered on the registration.  This is the unique Employee Number found on the employee's paycheck, ID card and personnel records.  
    Once this system is in place contact us if you have any questions.
    As always, contact me at any time if there is anything I can do for you,
Thank you,
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From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Apr 15, 2002 4:15pm
ERTW and Defensive Driving Discount Forms


Today was the deadline and to date we have only received a dozen of the ERTW
and Defensive Driving discount forms.

We need these as does the State Fund to determine pricing on your premiums
for renewal at 7/1. Please get them in as soon as possible.


From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Thu Apr 18, 2002 4:49pm
FW: State Vehicle Use Policy

Advisory Council Members,

Barb Charlton from the Department of Commerce just sent me their packet of
vehicle use information, cover letter, forms, etc. and I liked it so much
that I decided to forward it on to you.

You have Barb's permission to plagiarize.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Charlton, Barb
> Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 4:38 PM
> To: Kain, Barb
> Cc: Barry, Steve; Dahl, Brett
> Subject: State Vehicle Use Policy
> Attached are the memos, rules, and form we distributed to our employees
> with their pay checks to sign and be informed of the state vehicle use
> policy.
> I am sending this to you so you know what Commerce did regarding informing
> our employees of this new state policy. Thanks for your help with this
> issue.
> Barb Charlton
> <> < > 040302.doc>> <> < > use policy ARM 101201.doc>> <>
Attachment: (application/msword) VEHICLE USE Director Memo 0401002.doc [not stored]
Attachment: (application/msword) VEHICLE USE Director Memo 040302.doc [not stored]
Attachment: (application/msword) Vehicle Use Drivers License Points 040302.doc [not stored]
Attachment: (application/msword) Vehicle use policy ARM 101201.doc [not stored]
Attachment: (application/msword) vehicle use policy form 041002.doc [not stored]

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon May 13, 2002 1:56pm
Hazardous Chemicals

Risk Management Advisory Council Members,

The Department of Administration is working closely with the City of Helena,
Fire Department in planning and coordinating pre-emergency response,
especially fire response.

In order to facilitate planning, the Department of Administration is
collecting information about hazardous substances/chemicals (i.e. where they
are located and how they are stored) within the Capitol complex. We need
your assistance!

Please conduct an inventory of hazardous chemicals in your agency's
buildings in Helena by completing and returning the attached survey to me by
May 20th, if possible.

Understand that your agency should be tracking this information in
accordance with Montana HAZMAT laws ANYWAY, so if you don't already have
that information, the inventory and survey process will help you to achieve
partial compliance.

THANK YOU in advance for your assistance!

--Brett Dahl, Administrator,
Risk Management & Tort Defense Division

< >
Attachment: (application/msword) hazardouschemicalsurvey.doc [not stored]

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon May 13, 2002 2:26pm
Hazardous Chemicals at State Owned or Leased Facilities in Helena


A number of you have responded to my e-mail about hazardous chemicals at
state-owned or leased facilities by asking questions such as 'What is a
Hazardous Substance and where can I obtain the MSDS sheets?'
< >

I have included an attachment above which should provide some assistance. In
addition, there is some excellent information about the OSHA (Occupational
Safety and Health Administration) HAZMAT requirement out on our website
under the section entitled 'Safety and Loss Control,' 'Online Safety
Resource Library,' 'H,' 'Hazardous Commications.' or contact the Department
of Labor & Industry, Safety Bureau.

In addition, go to the section entitled 'Safety and Loss Control,' 'Online
Safety Resource Library,' 'C,' 'Chemical,' 'Material Safety Data Sheets,'
'Material Safety Data Sheets and Where to Find Them on The Internet.' to
look up information about various chemicals online.


< >
Attachment: (application/octet-stream) hazardouschemicals.htm [not stored]
Attachment: (application/octet-stream) hazardouschemicals.htm [not stored]

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Thu May 16, 2002 9:38am
FW: Hazardous Chemicals at State Owned or Leased Facilities in He lena


The lists of hazardous chemicals by facility per my e-mail messages earlier
this week are starting to come in, however, we have received only two or
three so far. By way of a reminder, I'm hoping to have them by Monday so
that we can summarize and piece this together for the administration.

I realize that it has only been a few days since we asked, however, I wanted
to keep this issue before each of you so that there isn't a rush come Monday
or Tuesday. I'll assume that you have no hazardous chemicals unless I
receive your list by Monday or unless you notify my otherwise.

THANK YOU again for your assistance!


From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Tue May 21, 2002 2:29pm
FW: RMTD Training Cancellation Policy

RMAC Representatives,
    Nearly a month ago RMTD rolled out our new Training Calendar and Registration system and results are great!  If you have not looked at this enhancement you can see it at the Training page of the RMTD website at www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtdSurf over and take a look at it! 
    This new system replaces the static form of a training calendar we had in the past.  Now every course we have scheduled for any time in the future is posted along with the status of that course.  If a course roster is filled you will know before you attempt to register for that course.  Also, by clicking on the course title you can get a description of the course. 
    By choosing a date and clicking on it you will be taken directly to the new registration page.  The registration page lists the course title, times, and location at the very top.  Some new information is asked for on the registration to enhance our programs.  One new field requiring an entry is "Employee ID Number".  This is the record keeping number the employer assigned the employee.  We are collecting this unique number to specifically identify participants in all courses.  While there are probably more than a few John Doe's in the state, each has a unique ID Number.
    Another new field is "Driver's License Number".  This is only required for Defensive Driving Courses.  In the past RMTD staff had to gather this number and had enter it for each participant before certificate of trainings could be issued.  (The National Safety Council requires this to appear on each Defensive Driving certificate.)  Now this information is already available making the process much quicker.
    Once you click on the "submit" button of the registration form you are taken to a Training Registration Confirmation page which confirms exactly who, what, when and where.  This confirmation page has a convenient "Print Confirmation" button available and it is suggested this page is printed for each registrant.  This confirmation also gives simple to follow instructions in the unfortunate event one must cancel a registration. 
    Since many of our course rosters fill quickly we ask those who must cancel to do so at least 48-hours prior to the scheduled course time.  Even sooner is better.  This time allows their names be removed from the roster and the seat opened for other interested employees.  Our system will automatically reopen closed courses when cancellations are received and seats are freed up.  Since this is automatic you are encouraged to check the Training Calendar frequently as courses do re-open.
    Because of the demand for space on the roster RMTD is instituting a cancellation fee for those who do not cancel within the 48-hours.  Please see the attached memo explaining this fee.  Please communicate this information to all concerned parties. 
    The new registration process and system will have many more features which we believe you will appreciate such as reports listing all of your employees who have attended any training opportunity offered by RMTD.  We have entered past rosters going back over four years. 
    Much more of this system will be explained and demonstrated at the next RMAC meeting.  Reports produced from the system will also be distributed then.  You will want to be sure to attend and learn how this system is designed to assist you.  The date of the next RMAC meeting will be released soon, stay tuned!
    As always, if you have any issues I may assist you with, please feel free to contact me at acurtiss@mt.gov or at 444-3486, or contact any RMTD staff member at our general number of 444-2421.
Attachment: (application/msword) Cancelation Policy.doc [not stored]

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Tue May 21, 2002 5:14pm
Hazardous Materials


To date, we have received only a handful of the hazardous materials surveys
that we requested almost 10 days ago though we understand that it may take
some time to pull this information together. We are quite certain that
agencies such as Transportation, Agriculture, and others have hazardous
chemicals on-site in laboratories or for materials testing. We hope that
this is our last and final call for information.

The information that we have received thus far is to some extent is
disjointed and does not provide a summary of hazardous substances and
chemicals by facility within Helena City limits. In some cases, we have
received information that doesn' really tell us anything. In brief, I would
ask that those of you that have already sent information to us to re-review
the information from your facilities and operations to make sure that it is
accurate and broken down by facility, and submitted in totality and not
piece by piece.

For those agencies that have not yet submitted information, please ask your
bureaus, facilities, and locations to send it to you first. We do NOT need
your agency's HAZMAT plan. We do not want master lists of these substances
by bureau or division. Instead, we need a list of the substances by facility
with City of Helena limits. In brief, the information that we seek is an
important part of the Department of Administration's plan to coordinate
local emergency response efforts with the City of Helena Fire Department.

When the City of Helena responds to a fire, they want to know what chemicals
are stored in each facility so that they can respond appropriately, timely,
and with the right equipment and personnel. If you do not have hazardous
chemicals, please confirm that as well.
We would like to have this information by next Monday, May 27th, if
possible. If you are unable to meet that deadline, let us know when you
think that you will be able to pull the information together.

This may be a 'bit of an inconvenience,' however, keep in mind that your
agency should already be doing this and the exercise should help you with
your compliance efforts.

THANK YOU for your assistance! Call me at ext. 3687 with questions.

--Brett Dahl, Administrator,
Risk Management & Tort Defense Division

From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Thu May 23, 2002 4:57pm
more training opportunities



    Here is a note received from Tina Smollack with the Department of Labor & Industry's Safety Bureau.  The Safety Bureau, through their Occupational Safety and Health Training Institute offers a variety of great training (and most of it is free!).  Listed are a couple of their courses coming up in Helena.  These are on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and respiratory equipment, and the second is on Hazard Communication which relates to the request Brett made for information about your on-site hazardous materials.  Both should be great courses.  Other courses and other topics are coming up all around the state.

    These courses are from The Safety Bureau and not from Risk Management & Tort Defense so you will not find them on the RMTD website and you will not register for them through RMTD.  Contact Sharon or Jolene directly at 444-6401 to register or for more information.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend,




Hi Folks,

Although SMASH has disbanded for the summer months, I think you might like to know about a few free classes in Helena.

On Thursday, June 13, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. classes will be presented on PPE/Respiratory Protection, at Helena, in the "Right of Way Conference Room," at the DOT.

On Friday, June 14, from 8:00 a.m. to noon will be presented a Hazard Communications class. This will also take place at the DOT in Helena, but in the Auditorium.

To register, please contact Sharon Meyer or Jolene Loomis at 444-6401. Walk ins will be welcomed, but we prefer to have you preregister to ensure we have enough handouts for all attendees.

Class description:

PPE/Respiratory Protection

This course acquaints the student with various methods of Personal Protective Equipment available and their use. Also, this course covers the requirements for the establishment, maintenance, and monitoring a respirator program. Topics include terminology, OSHA and ANSI standards, NIOSH certifications, and medical evaluation recommendation. Respirator selection, use, and methods of fit testing will be addressed.

Hazard Communication

Hazard communication related standards are consistently among the most often cited violations by Federal OSHA and Montana Department of Labor and Industry. This course addresses the requirements of the Hazard Communication requirements as found in Subparts Z 29 CFR 1910 General Industry and 29 CFR 1926 Construction. The course will cover definitions and requirements relating program implementation and maintenance labeling, material safety data sheets, training, and outside contractors.

Hope to see you all there!

Tina Smollack


From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Jun 3, 2002 3:18pm

Risk Management Advisory Council Representatives,

1) THANK YOU very much for your assistance and support of the Hazardous
Materials Inventory (Helena properties). Nice job! We have been asked to
coordinate this response with the City of Helena each year from this point
so we'll likely by repeating this exercise about the same time next year.
The end result of this survey is a master binder with an inventory of
hazardous materials, by agency, by location. Don't ask us to re-produce it
in its entirety, however, as it is some 300 pages in length. I assume that
each of you kept the portion pertaining to your agency. If you don't have it
and want it, then let me know and we'll have someone re-produce the
pertinent sections.

2) By now, each of you should have received your most recent copy of 'Risk
Matters,' our quarterly publication. It as also available on our website in
electronic format in the section entitled 'Publications,' 'Riskmatters
Newsletter,' 'May 2002.' We hope that you enjoy the updates and that it is

3) The Department of Administration has submitted a conceptual proposal for
dividend legislation to the Office of Budget and Program Planning (OBPP).
The proposal creates a separate statutory appropriation for dividends and
allows state agencies to actually spend all, or a portion, of the dividends
that they receive. OBPP has not yet approved the proposal and we are
providing additional information at their request for purposes of
clarification. However, we concur that it would be a very positive step for
your respective programs. There are lots of other considerations given the
state's current fiscal crisis.

4) We have submitted the attached boilerplate for HB2 which removes the
restriction on the use Workers' Compensation Volume Discount proceeds
currently found in HB2, Section 7. As you may recall, last session the
Department of Administration was successful in exempting the use of
early-return-to-work funds from the restrictions so that you have those
funds to spend for safety or modified positions. During the coming
bi-ennium, we are hoping to add the volume discounts to this list of
exemptions. OBPP has already approved including such language in HB2 at the
'start of the race,' but I am told that it faces an uphill battle in the
legislative session. We'll give it our best and let you know how you can

5) We appreciate your support of recent Defense Defensive Driving training.
As a sidebar, the number of vehicles that we insure for liability has
increased from 7,044 since FY96 to 9,722 in FY2002, however, the frequency
of claims per 100 vehicles has declined from 4.2 to 3.2, or approximately
25%. Over the same period of time, loss payments have remained relatively
constant and that is real plus given the state's current legal environment,
the increase in miles driven by state employees, and the number of vehicles

We'll have more to report to you at our next Risk Management Advisory
Council meeting. The date has not yet been set, but we're shooting for
mid-month to the end of June.

Have a great summer!

Brett E. Dahl, Administrator,
Risk Management & Tort Defense Division
Department of Administration
Attachment: (application/msword) HB2, Section 7.doc [not stored]

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Jun 3, 2002 4:06pm
Self-Assessment Report

Advisory Council Members,

Last year, the Department of Administration (with technical assistance from
the Montana State Fund, Department of Labor & Industry, Safety Bureau, and
support of the Governor's Office) created the State of Montana, Employee
Safety Awards Program and a related reporting tool known as the 'Safety
Program Self-Assessment Report.'

The purpose of the self-assessment report tool is to 1) assist state
agencies and universities in monitoring and evaluating their progress in
implementing the provisions of the Montana Safety Culture Act; 2) help the
Department of Administration in collecting meaningful information to report
agencies' progress in achieving compliance to agency heads and the
Governor's Office in the division's annual report; and 3) recognize agencies
with comprehensive and effective programs through the Governor's Employee
Safety Awards Program.

State agencies and universities were given the OPTION of submitting the
safety program self-assessment report last year because we wanted to give
everyone additional time to implement programs as well as to allow the
Montana State Fund time to follow-up on your respective account management
plans per our service agreement with them.

At our board meetings in May and December of last year, we indicated that
the submission of the safety program self-assessment reports would not be
OPTIONAL this year (except for the university system) and needed to be
completed and sent to the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division by July

By way of reminder, please complete the self-assessment report, if you
haven't already done so and submit it to Aric Curtiss of the Risk Management
& Tort Defense Division by July 5th. You may download the self-assessment
report by going to our website under the section entitled 'Safety & Loss
Control,' 'Safety Program Self-Assessment.'

Finally, you may obtain an updated copy of the FY2003 Service Agreement with
the Montana State fund by going to our website 'Insurance,'
'Property/Casualty (Core Program),' Workers' Compensation Insurance,'
'Service Agreement.' The service agreement changed very little from FY2002
when we sought and obtained your input.

If you have any questions about the self-assessment report, please contact
Aric Curtiss (ext. 3486). If you have any questions about the service
agreement, please contact me.

Brett E. Dahl, Administrator,
Risk Management & Tort Defense Division

From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Jun 3, 2002 5:51pm
New Course- Infectious Disease

    You and all employees are invited to join me for a Virtual Seminar offered by PRIMA (Public Risk Mangers Association) titled "Infectious Disease Issues for Public Risk Managers".  This seminar is Wednesday, June 19th.  To join the seminar we will begin at 10:45am and conclude at 12:30.
    If you are not familiar with virtual seminars, this is basically a presentation made via phone.  The presenter will make his presentation and ask for questions during the course.  At the time of the seminar I will have handouts from the presenter available for all in attendance. 
    From time to time PRIMA offers a number of seminars like this.  Featured speakers are always top notch, recognized professionals in their field.  For more information about this seminar or the featured speaker go to www.primacentral.org and click on the "Click here for details" button under Virtual Seminars near the center of the page. 
    RMTD will sponsor one phone link to this seminar.  Speaker phone will be used to facilitate this seminar.  The exact location is not yet determined as it depends on the interest and how many employees register.  It is most likely the call will be hosted at our offices in Helena.  Please register for this seminar as you would any other RMTD training at the Training Page of the RMTD web site:  www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd.
    After visiting the PRIMA site above, please contact me with any questions.
Thank you,
Aric Curtiss

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Jun 10, 2002 10:33am


<> <>

Advisory Council Members,

Attached is the underwriting submission from the Montana State Fund for
FY03. Their have been a number of questions about the new rate tier system
that the State Fund recently adopted.

I've asked that the Montana State Fund visit with us about this and the
workers' compensation renewal at our next advisory council meeting which
will be held sometime in the next 4 weeks.

Brett Dahl, Administrator,
Risk Management & Tort Defense Division
P.O. Box 200124
Helena, Montana 59620-0124
Attachment: (application/vnd.ms-excel) State Agencies Retention FY03.xls [not stored]
Attachment: (application/vnd.ms-excel) State Agency Modifiers FY03.xls [not stored]

From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Jun 25, 2002 0:07pm
Safety Program Self-Assessment Report

    As a friendly reminder, the State of Montana Employee Safety Program Self-Assessment Report is due to RMTD by July 5 of each fiscal year.  Thank you to the number of agencies who have submitted this report already.  Other agencies may want to check their calendars as this deadline is drawing very near.
    Brett forwarded a note on June 3rd reminding all RMAC representatives of this survey and deadline.  You can retrieve this note from the archive of old messages found on the Advisory Group page of the RMTD website, http://www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd/advisorygroups/rmac.asp.
    The report and instructions can be found on the Safety & Loss Control page of the RMTD  website at:
    Questions 1, 2, & 3 deal with your loss history for the year we are ending.  Your records should reflect the requested information.  If you need this information you may need to contact your safety consultant with State Fund for question #1.  You can contact Carol Berger here at RMTD for your Loss Run report for auto liability and property losses which are questions 2 and 3.  These reports are provided to you quarterly so you may be able to calculate from your last report.  As close as we are to the year end, your information should be pretty accurate.  Carol can be contacted at cberger@mt.gov or 444-3600.
    Question #4 refers to the State of Montana Employee Safety Program.  If you do not have a hard copy of this program you can view or download the model program from the Safety & Loss Control page of the RMTD website: http://www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd/aboutus/publications/safetyprogrammodel.asp.  You should compare your agency programs to the programs outlined here.
    Question #5 through 11 mentions ARM 24.30.2521 though 2558.  This is basically the Montana Safety Culture Act.  You can find this in the green ARM binders under Labor & Industry.  A good reference to the Montana Safety Culture Act can be found on the Department of Labor & Industry, Employment Relations Division, Safety & Health Bureau website: http://erd.dli.mt.gov/Safety/SBcultact.htm.  From this site look at the 'Requirements of All Employers' section and then the 'Additional Requirements of Employers With More Than 5 Employees' section.  The Safety Bureau provides recommendations on this site if your agency needs to improve their compliance or just looking for ideas. 
    Sample statements, policies, checklists etcetera are provided in the appendixes of the State of Montana Employee Safety Program mentioned in question #4 above.
    The State of Montana Safety Program Self-Assessment Report is a required report.  The information you provide will help RMTD and other sources further improve the culture of safety within state government.  Your information will act as a barometer of this culture and annual readings will keep everyone posted.  The information will also be compressed and forwarded to the Governors Office in an annual report.  Additionally, the coveted Governor's Safety Awards, which were first presented at Safety Day last year, are based on your self-assessment.
    If your agency has questions or needs assistance with this report you certainly can contact me at 444-3486 or electronically at acurtiss@mt.gov.  Please note however that I will be unavailable the week of the fourth.
Have a Happy New (fiscal) Year!
Aric Curtiss

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Mon Jul 1, 2002 5:10pm
Good News

Risk Coordinators,

The Office of Budget and Program Planning (OBPP) has approved the Department
of Administration's conceptual proposal to introduce legislation which will
allow your agencies to spend the dividends issued by the Montana State Fund.
We now begin the draft phase of the legislation. The Department of
Administration plans on carrying the legislation. More to come later.

I spoke with Jane Hamman at OBPP this morning and she confirmed that the
amendatory language to Section 7 of HB2 which allows agencies to spend their
volume discount money has also been approved. None of us know how far it
will get during the coming legislative session, but it will appear
initially. I spoke with the Commissioner of Higher Education's Office and
they do not want the language to apply to them since they have a 'lump sum'

Finally, we have completed the state property/casualty insurance renewal for
FY03. Results will be presented at our next advisory council meeting on July
8th at 9:00 a.m. (agenda attached). If you are unable to be there, please
notify me in advance then have your agency head designate an alternate to

Have a Great Summer!


Attachment: (application/msword) agenda71602.doc [not stored]

From: Weldon, Jeff <jweldon@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Jul 2, 2002 6:36am
RE: [rmtd_rmac] Good News

Maybe I'll be the first to ask to you can respond to the lot of us -- your
e-mail says the meeting is on July 8 & the agenda says July 16.......

Thanks for the good news -- any good news, in any form and in any amount, is
welcome these days!


-----Original Message-----
From: Dahl, Brett
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 5:11 PM
To: 'rmtd_rmac@egroups.com'
Cc: Curtiss, Aric; Younkin, Jennie; Berger, Carol; Adams, Marjorie;
Rhodes, Kristie (RMTD); Glass, Michael
Subject: [rmtd_rmac] Good News

Risk Coordinators,

The Office of Budget and Program Planning (OBPP) has approved the Department
of Administration's conceptual proposal to introduce legislation which will
allow your agencies to spend the dividends issued by the Montana State Fund.
We now begin the draft phase of the legislation. The Department of
Administration plans on carrying the legislation. More to come later.

I spoke with Jane Hamman at OBPP this morning and she confirmed that the
amendatory language to Section 7 of HB2 which allows agencies to spend their
volume discount money has also been approved. None of us know how far it
will get during the coming legislative session, but it will appear
initially. I spoke with the Commissioner of Higher Education's Office and
they do not want the language to apply to them since they have a 'lump sum'

Finally, we have completed the state property/casualty insurance renewal for
FY03. Results will be presented at our next advisory council meeting on July
8th at 9:00 a.m. (agenda attached). If you are unable to be there, please
notify me in advance then have your agency head designate an alternate to

Have a Great Summer!



From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Jul 2, 2002 10:31am
RE: [rmtd_rmac] Good News


Yeah, yeah, year, I know.............The date on my e-mail yesterday did not
coincide with the date on the agenda that was atttached.

By way of clarification, the state Risk Management Advisory Council meeting
will be held on July 16th at 9:00 a.m. at the Commissioner of Higher
Education offices, 2500 Broadway Street, Helena (across from St. Peter's

I apologize for any confusion this might have created. See ya there!


-----Original Message-----
From: Weldon, Jeff
Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 6:36 AM
To: Dahl, Brett; 'rmtd_rmac@egroups.com'
Cc: Curtiss, Aric; Younkin, Jennie; Berger, Carol; Adams, Marjorie;
Rhodes, Kristie (RMTD); Glass, Michael; Fabiano, Kathy
Subject: RE: [rmtd_rmac] Good News

Maybe I'll be the first to ask to you can respond to the lot of us -- your
e-mail says the meeting is on July 8 & the agenda says July 16.......

Thanks for the good news -- any good news, in any form and in any amount, is
welcome these days!


-----Original Message-----
From: Dahl, Brett
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 5:11 PM
To: 'rmtd_rmac@egroups.com'
Cc: Curtiss, Aric; Younkin, Jennie; Berger, Carol; Adams, Marjorie;
Rhodes, Kristie (RMTD); Glass, Michael
Subject: [rmtd_rmac] Good News

Risk Coordinators,

The Office of Budget and Program Planning (OBPP) has approved the Department
of Administration's conceptual proposal to introduce legislation which will
allow your agencies to spend the dividends issued by the Montana State Fund.
We now begin the draft phase of the legislation. The Department of
Administration plans on carrying the legislation. More to come later.

I spoke with Jane Hamman at OBPP this morning and she confirmed that the
amendatory language to Section 7 of HB2 which allows agencies to spend their
volume discount money has also been approved. None of us know how far it
will get during the coming legislative session, but it will appear
initially. I spoke with the Commissioner of Higher Education's Office and
they do not want the language to apply to them since they have a 'lump sum'

Finally, we have completed the state property/casualty insurance renewal for
FY03. Results will be presented at our next advisory council meeting on July
8th at 9:00 a.m. (agenda attached). If you are unable to be there, please
notify me in advance then have your agency head designate an alternate to

Have a Great Summer!



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From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Jul 9, 2002 2:44pm

RMAC E-Group Recipients,
Please reply to this note to confirm you are receiving RMAC (Risk Management Advisory Council) e-mails.
An e-group is used for all electronic mailings to RMAC representatives and other risk management and safety people.  Approximately 75 people are in this group but various people have stated they are not receiving the mailings.  This note is sent to the group as a test of the system.  Please reply to this note to confirm you receive this.  If we do not receive a reply from you we will assume you did not receive it and steps will be taken to add you.  Please do not assume that we know you are on the group because we know that assumption is incorrect for some of the recipients, but which ones?
Please simply reply.  Do not write any note or attach anything as with 75 replies, I will not be reading any of them.  I will simply check your name off the list as I receive replies.  If you need to contact me you can send an e-mail to acurtiss@mt.gov.
You can go to the Advisory Group page of the RMTD website www.discoveringmontana.com/doa/rmtd and scroll down for information about using the e-group, retrieving any message ever sent through the e-group, or other information regarding the group.
Attached is an interesting article about fires at fuel stations.  Static electricity can build in a persons clothing, or a cell phone can cause a simple spark, which at a fuel pump can cause a fire.  Have you ever wondered about the signs at the pump that tell you to turn the engine off and to turn your cell phone off?  See the attached article and photo for proof.  This is some information you can pass to employees and coworkers.
Thank you,
Attachment: (application/msword) StaticFire.doc [not stored]

From: Curtiss, Aric <acurtiss@mt.gov>
Date: Thu Jul 18, 2002 0:17pm
RMTD Seminars

    The Risk Management & Tort Defense division has some exciting and valuable training opportunities coming up.  Look at the Training Calendar & Registration site on the Training page of our website to find descriptions of them, or to register.  http://rmtd.doa.state.mt.us/pls/rmtd/RMTD_CTIS_TRAINING.training_list
    The first opportunity is a virtual seminar (or conference call) titled "Risk and Recreation".  This will be hosted at RMTD on Wednesday, July 24.  This is put on by PRIMA, the Public Risk Management Association, and was the highest rated and best attended session at their annual conference.  
    The course will provide a clear understanding of the risks involved in parks, skateboard parks, playgrounds, trails, playing fields, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, ball courts, and other recreational facilities.  Many state agencies provide a variety of recreational opportunities to the public and our clients.  This session will help you understand some of the risks involved by having these facilities or programs.  
    Click on the title of this course at the above link for a full description.
    Another virtual seminar, or audio conference, will be hosted on August 8th covering how to protect your agency from costly and common Slip-and-Fall Claims.  This conference call hosted by RMTD and is FREE to attend.  Click on the title of this course at the link above for a description.  Remember not to register at the description site.  Register by clicking on the date of this course at the link above.       
        There are three courses on Fraud Awareness & Prevention, Detection, and Investigation coming up.  A lot of agencies and employees have asked for these topics and here it is!  Nationally recognized experts are being brought in for these seminars.  The three courses are each different and geared for employees in different roles so the information will be specific and relevant to participants.  Employees certainly can attend more than one course if they are relevant to them.
    The courses are sponsored in conjunction with the Professional Development Center.  Because of the expenses of bringing in expert presenters, there will be a minimal fee for attendance.  The course for Managers is fully sponsored by RMTD as we believe it is a very important topic for all management people, and therefore participation in this course is FREE for those pre-registered.  We strongly encourage all managers from every agency to register and attend.  Non-managers are also welcome to attend.
    In recent times, state managers and other employees who naively believed they had no fraud in their organizations woke up when fraud cases of an estimated $750,000 and $290,000 hit the press.  Unfortunately fraud does take place, even in state government.  Attendance in one or more of these course could be one of the best investments you may make.
    Click on the title of any course at the link above for a full description of the course.
    The last I will mention is a Defensive Driving course coming up in Helena.  As of today there are a few seat remaining open.  When this course was last offered in Helena in May two expanded courses were both "sold out".  If you have employees who want/need to attend this is their opportunity.
    Please promote these opportunities to you employees.  Contact me if there are any questions.
Hope you're having a safe summer,
Aric Curtiss

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Tue Jul 30, 2002 5:11pm
Self-Assessment Report

Council Members,

At our meeting on July 16th, I had planned to discuss changes in the
self-assessment report that each of you submitted.

Due to time constraints, we were unable to go there, therefore, I decided to
send each of you the self-assessment report and instructions for your

The only change that we made to the report was to lower the point total
threshold as follows:

(0)Poor 0-29 Points
(1)Fair 29-52 Points
(2)Good 52-77 Points
(3)Excellent 77-87 Points

Our rationale for doing so, was that some of you felt that the criterion
were too stringent and that in order to receive a 'good rating, you would
need to have all 'good' evaluations and a few 'excellents' as well.

Please provide me with any feedback that you may have. We intend to apply
these modified criterion retroactively to the self-assessment reports that
were just submitted.


--Brett Dahl, Administrator,
Risk Management & Tort Defense Division
Attachment: (application/msword) safetyprogramselfassessment.doc [not stored]
Attachment: (application/msword) safetyprogramselfassessmentinstructions.doc [not stored]

From: Dahl, Brett <bdahl@mt.gov>
Date: Fri Aug 2, 2002 2:39pm
Minutes from Meeting on 07/16/2002

Advisory Council Members,

The minutes from the Risk Management Advisory Council meeting on July 16,
2002 are now posted on the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division website
under 'Advisory Groups.'

THANK YOU all for attending

Have a Great Weekend!

--Brett Dahl, Administrator,
Risk Management & Tort Defense Division