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Accidental Injury/Death/Dismemberment (University Volunteers Excess of Personal Insurance)

A summary of coverage and policy information is provided below. This summary does not alter or amend coverage provided in statute or under the state property/casualty insurance program. Specific exclusions, limitations, or conditions may apply. This policy applies to volunteers who provide direct service to the University System for sponsored events or activities. To obtain insurance program requirements or an application for insurance coverage, please contact the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division at (406)444-2421.


  1. Insurer: National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA.
  2. Broker: Alliant Insurance Services.
  3. Term of Coverage: 7/1 to 6/30 each fiscal year subject to annual renewal.
  4. Coverage Territory: The United States, (including its territories and possessions), and Puerto Rico. For coverage outside these territories please contact the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division.
  5. Accidental Injury: reasonable medical expenses incurred while participating in a volunteer activity sponsored by a university, excluding lost wages.
  6. Accidental Death: indemnity benefit while participating in a volunteer activity sponsored by a university.
  7. Accidental Dismemberment: indemnity benefit while participating in a volunteer activity sponsored by a university.
  8. Exclusions: This policy does not cover any loss caused in whole or in part by, or resulting in whole or in part from the following:
    1. Suicide or any attempt at suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury or any attempt at intentionally self-inflicted injury.
    2. Sickness, disease or infections of any kind; except bacterial infections due to an accidental cut or wound, botulism or ptomaine poisoning.
    3. The insured's commission of or attempt to commit a felony.
    4. Declared or undeclared war, or any act of declared or undeclared war.
    5. Full-time active duty in the armed forces, National Guard or organized reserve corps of any country or international authority.
    6. Travel or flight in or on (including getting in or out of, or on or off of) any vehicle used for aerial navigation, if the insured is:
      1. Riding as a passenger in any aircraft not licensed for the transportation of passengers for hire.
      2. Performing, learning to perform or instructing others to perform as a pilot or crew member of any aircraft.
    7. Any condition for which the insured is entitled to benefits under any Workers' Compensation Act or similar law.
    8. The insured being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, unless taken under the advice of a physician.
  9. Limit: $50,000 per claim for accidental injury, $20,000 accidental death benefit, % of the accidental death benefit for dismemberment depending upon body part dismembered.
  10. Deductible: the deductible is paid by the volunteer unless otherwise agreed upon with the respective university campus.