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Airport Liability Summary

A summary of airport liability coverage, exclusions, and policy information is provided below. Coverage may vary by airport and agency. This summary does not alter or amend coverage provided in statute or under the state property/casualty insurance program. Specific exclusions, limitations, or conditions may apply. For a comprehensive review of coverage and program requirements, please click here for PDF (237kb) or here for Word (42kb). For additional information, please contact the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division at (406)444-2421.


  1. Insurer: ACE Property Casualty Insurance Company.
  2. Broker: Mountain Air Insurance Services.
  3. Term: 7/1 to 6/30 each fiscal year.
  4. Coverage Territory: This policy applies to insured events worldwide. 
  1. Liability Covered: Bodily injury or property damage arising from operation of an airport, construction or demolition, hangar keeper's liability, products and premises.
  2. Defense, Settlement, and Payments: Defense costs, court costs, reimbursements, and other reasonable expenses.
  3. Exclusions: Obligations of other insurers, use of alcohol, property owned/occupied/rented/leased except elevators, property installed by contractors to be used in construction, property relinquished to others by the state, bodily injury or property damage caused by an automobile while off an airport unless responding to an aviation emergency, delay in performance of contract, etc.
  4. Deductible: The deductible is paid by the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division for liability coverage.
  5. Limit: $25,000,000 subject to the state's tort damage cap of $750,000 per claim, $1,500,000 per occurrence (§2-9-108, MCA).