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Notary Bonds

The Risk Management & Tort Defense Division offers a low cost notary bond alternative in response to numerous requests from our clients for a convenient one source stop for all insurance coverage needs.

The notary bond protects the public from a notary's failure to correctly validate the identity of parties to an agreement/contract. The general requirement is that a Montana notary bond must be for at least 4 years and $25,000.

Since the notary bond protects the public, not the notary, it is recommended that state and university notaries obtain at least $25,000 in additional errors and omissions coverage. The errors and omissions coverage protects the notary from negligent acts or omissions.

State agency or university system notaries may now obtain a notary bond through the state's insurance broker, Alliant Insurance Services Inc. Alliant has agreed to place this coverage with a qualified insurance company at the rate schedule found here.

For additional information about how to become a notary or to renew your notary commission, please visit the Secretary of State's website at https://sosmt.gov/notary/. To apply for notary bond coverage please complete the electronic application found here.

The application MUST be printed out and faxed to Alicia Cortez, Alliant Insurance Services at 619-699-0906 for formal review. Additional information is required for $50,000 and $100,000 policy requests. Your agency will be billed directly for the cost of the notary bond. In addition, the notary bond will also be sent to the billing address indicated on the application.

You may contact Alicia, Alliant Insurance Services, at 949-260-5099 with any additional questions about your notary bond.