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Surety Bond Summary (DPHHS Only)

A summary of Surety Bond coverage, exclusions, and policy information is provided below. This summary does not alter or amend coverage provided in statute or under the state property/casualty insurance program. Specific exclusions, limitations, or conditions may apply. To obtain insurance program requirements or an application for insurance coverage, please contact the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division at (406)444-2421.


  1. Insurer: Hartford Insurance Company.
  2. Broker: Alliant Insurance Services.
  3. Term of Coverage: 7/1 to 6/30 each fiscal year.
  4. Coverage Territory: The United States, (including its territories and possessions), and Puerto Rico. For coverage outside these territories please contact the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division.
  5. Cause of Loss Covered: Patient funds lost, misappropriated, or mismanaged at state institutions.
  6. Coverage: The surety reimburses patients for funds lost or misappropriated and then seeks reimbursement from the institution in whom the funds were entrusted.
  7. Limits of Liability: Amount of patient funds held in trust as reported by each institution.