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Driver Records Check Training

Each state and university employee is currently required to sign an acknowledgement form that he/she does not have more than 12 convictions points and is in compliance with all other provisions of the state vehicle use rule. The Legislative Audit Division (LAD) Committee has recommended that the Department of Administration explore alternative approaches to assist state agencies and universities to independently evaluate the motor vehicles records of employees to confirm that they have safe driving records.

This short, self-paced course teaches why and how agencies and universities can check their employees' driver records online to comply with this LAD finding. It guides agency and university staff through the entire process, from creating an account through interpreting driver records and using the results. The course consists of two narrated PowerPoint lessons available at any time through RMTD's web site.

Lesson 1 (about 15 minutes long) should be viewed first. It:

  • Explains the state's driver requirements,
  • Discusses why agencies/universities should check driver records,
  • Recommends whose records agencies/universities should check, and
  • Teaches how to establish an account to check records online.

Lesson 2 (about 30 minutes long) should be viewed only after the agency or university has established its account. It covers:   

  • How to access the system once an account is established,
  • How to check a driver record,
  • How to interpret a record (including calculating points), and
  • How to use the results.

Both lessons allow a learner to access the relevant web pages by simply clicking on imbedded hyperlinks. If you have selected a lesson and it does not automatically start, please select "Open" in the dialog box, then click on the View tab and select the "Slide Show" button. The lessons allow a learner to move back and forth between the PowerPoint show and the actual web pages involved, at their own pace, to access the system, open a driver record, and understand it.