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Certificates of Insurance

State agencies and universities are often requested to furnish proof of insurance in contracts or leases in order to satisfy contractors, lessors, or other parties. Managers, supervisors, and employees ultimately have responsibility for procuring a certificate of insurance when it is required by law or by contract.


Most state-owned vehicles typically contain a Certificate of Insurance for Auto Liability in the glove box. If your vehicle does not have one, it may be downloaded from the division's website at the links provided. For leased or courtesy vehicles, agency personnel are responsible to download the Certificate of Insurance for Auto Liability from the division's website and assure that it is in the vehicle.


All other certificates of insurance must be obtained from the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division. Certificates are not available for activities or employees that the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division does not insure. Example: State employees using personal vehicles must carry evidence or proof of their own personal vehicle insurance since this insurance coverage is primary. To request a certificate of insurance, please complete the Certificate of Insurance Request Form, sign and return to the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division.

Please contact our Risk Finance Specialist if you have additional questions.