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Special Event Liability Insurance Program

State agencies and universities are the stewards of valuable properties including buildings, equipment, land, water, and recreational sites. Public and private organizations outside of Montana State Government often request permission to use these facilities for official functions and/or recreational activities.

State facilities or universities occasionally sponsor fundraisers, recreational activities, or gala events that may further the state's mission. However, some of these activities may present an unusually high degree of risk and result in claims or lawsuits. Such events may warrant special events liability insurance as opposed to insurance provided under the state's self-insured program.

Please follow these steps to secure liability coverage:

  1. Complete TULIP Application
    For events sponsored by a tenant/user, please complete the Tenant/User Liability Insurance Application and send it to Danica Boe, Risk Management & Tort Defense Division, P.O. Box 200124, Helena, Montana, 59620-0124, Danica.Boe@mt.gov, (406)444-3168. For special events or high risk activities sponsored by a state agency or university that may fall outside the scope of the state's self-insured program such as fireworks, parades, athletic events, and concerts, please complete the Nominee Event Application and send it to Brett Dahl, Risk Management & Tort Defense Division, P.O. Box 200124, Helena, Montana, 59620-0124, bdahl@mt.gov, (406)444-3687. Please submit the appropriate TULIP application at least 15 business days in advance of an event to allow enough lead time to secure coverage.
  2. Notification of Coverage
    You will be notified by the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division in writing of the insurance carrier's decision to approve or deny insurance coverage for each event within 5 business days. Each event will be rated in accordance with the schedules provided in the Special Event Liability Insurance Guidelines and Procedures Manual and the insurance premium will be determined from the hazard schedule therein. If the event is not approved for insurance coverage, you must instruct your tenant/user/instructor to secure his/her own coverage through a licensed insurance agent in Montana. The state must be named as an additional insured on the tenant's/user's/instructor's insurance for any use of state premises. Any exception must be approved by the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division.
  3. Insurance Premium Payments
    For tenant/user events each agency is responsible to collect the insurance premium from its tenant/user before each event commences. The tenant user will pay the agency directly and the agency will submit the special event reporting form with payment and a copy of each certificate quarterly to Driver Alliant Insurance Services, Special Events, P. O. Box 6450, Newport Beach, CA 92658 by April 15th, July 15th, October 15th, and January 15th of each year. A copy of the form should be mailed to Danica Boe at the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division when payment is made to Alliant.
  4. Certificates of Insurance
    Certificates of insurance will be issued by Danica Boe, Risk Management & Tort Defense Division. Your agency will receive a copy of each certificate that is issued.
  5. Acknowledgement of Risk
    Waivers of liability are illegal in Montana; however, your agency must prepare an "Acknowledgement of Risk Form" to be signed by participants in all athletic events. Guidelines may be found at the Risk Management & Tort Defense Division's web site at http://rmtd.mt.gov/_docs/aboutus/files/waivers_of_liability.doc. Signed "Acknowledgement of Risk Forms" for all athletic events must be sent to Danica Boe, Risk Management & Tort Defense Division.