About Loss Prevention

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Agency losses stem from a variety of causes, but typically fall into four broad categories:

  1. Damage to Property - Physical damage to aircraft, boilers & machinery, buildings, vehicles, and other state property.
  2. Liability to Others - Legal liability to others arising from negligent acts or omissions.
  3. Loss of Income or Increased Costs - Loss of revenue from income producing operations.
  4. Worker's Compensation Claims - Employee accidents and injuries.

Through effective loss prevention programs, state agencies can reduce the underlying risk factors that often precede claims or losses; thus saving tax dollars and other resources.

The Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) provides information and worksheets on evaluating public sector risks. Agencies may find this site helpful to augment other tools and information used for evaluating risk and establishing risk management goals.

The Risk Management & Tort Defense Division has reviewed trends and collected information from agencies and universities to develop a risk map which identifies core risks in state government and the Montana University System. Please click here to view the map. In addition, the division provides consultative services, training, on-site inspections, and risk exposure evaluations.

Please contact our Loss Prevention Staff for additional information.