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Infrared & Ultrasonic Surveys

Infrared thermographies through infrared (IR) surveying, coupled with ultrasonic surveys, are an integral part of any preventive maintenance and property loss control program. Utilizing infrared and ultrasonic scanning on a regular basis for electrical and mechanical systems can improve the reliability of these systems and avoid losses.

The Risk Management & Tort Defense (RMTD) Division provides the service of IR and ultrasonic surveys to state and university owned and insured properties as a means of identifying electrical issues which, if otherwise undetected, could lead to loss. Loss could be through electrically caused fire, damage to equipment or property, unexpected interruption, and other events. Recommendations to mitigate identified concerns are provided.

Surveys are conducted by RMTD loss prevention staff and qualified consultants. Facilities are asked to provide a qualified individual to assist with accessing panels and equipment. Locations are selected with priority given to those having high replacement cost values, recent claim histories, unique occupancies, and/or questionable loss management practices. However, any building may be selected at the request of an agency as resources allow.

After completing a survey RMTD provides a detailed report for each location which identifies hazards and perils and provides recommendations to mitigate potential losses. Recommendations are advisory. Written responses are required from the agency.

RMTD and our consultants can also provide training and consultations to agencies that are developing infrared and/or ultrasonic surveying programs.

Contact our loss prevention staff to request a survey or for additional information and assistance.