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Building Plan Review

The Risk Management & Tort Defense Division (RMTD) reviews building plans, blueprints, specifications, and other materials related to the construction or renovation of state and university buildings involving or affecting fire suppression systems.

Reviews are conducted by RMTD staff and contract consultants. These reviews are not intended to address code compliance. Rather, each review is to identify areas where safety engineering features/controls can be incorporated or modified to mitigate loss to the building. Advisory recommendations are provided for the consideration of the building owner and design team. Recommendations are based on best practices and experience with industry losses and claims in similar environments.

If your agency is interested in a building plan review, please provide RMTD loss prevention staff with plans, blueprints, specifications and related materials including fire suppression systems as early in the planning stage as possible. Please complete and include the Plan Review Submission form when providing material. Contact our loss prevention staff for additional information.